• matchbook, european rag

Truth Beyond Relativism: Karl Mannheim’s Sociology of Knowledge

a 100-page book with every word removed

Touch Remembers

  • silkscreen on french paper co white

Touch Remembers (closed)

Truth half of Truth/Fiction diptych

powdered graphite on mulberry unbleached

Fiction half of Truth/Fiction diptych

silkscreen and wax on mulberry


Watercolor and ink on euro rag

Lifelines (detail)

Lifelines (detail)

Prayer Book

graphite, wax, twine

Prayer Book (detail)


  • silkscreen, cyanotype, wax encaustic, woodcut, on various Japanese papers

Pulp (detail)

Pulp (detail)

Landmarks (every sink in which I brushed my teeth, the summer of 2009)

silkscreen on stonehenge

Landmarks (detail)

Sadness of the Intellect

waxed european rag, ribbon

Binding variations