Fangorn Studio Zine Project

Zines made in the 6-month second season of the zine project

“Sky-high heels” themed week

“Supermoon a-pope-calypse” themed week

“In the flesh” themed week

“sleeping on the highway” themed week

“enlightenment” themed week

Emmeline Solomon spread from “Rosh Hashanah” themed week

Spread by Mara Cruvant from “Bear-Foot Contessa” themed week

Small portion of the Fangorn Studio Zine Library

Spread by Mikkel Snyder


** Fangorn Studio Zine Project ran from spring 2015- summer 2017 and is currently on indefinite hiatus. If you have a space, are somewhere on the east coast and want to host a free Zine Club meeting please don’t hesitate contact me!**

The Fangorn Studio Zine Project is a series of bi-monthly zine workshops. These workshops facilitate zine-making with instruction and weekly themes. They are intended to offer a space for making with the reckless freedom that comes with a time-limit and large groups of exhausted artists/poets/engineers/anyone all working towards similar goals.
Open to anyone and completely free! FSZP is entering its 3rd season in July which will mark a full two years of operation.
If you are in the St. Louis area and want to check it out, please feel free to come to any of our second-sunday meetings at Westminster Press on Cherokee Street from 11am-4pm every month!
Feel free to contact me with any questions either through this site or at

note: if you show up first you get to make the theme!!